Famoco devices are natively connected to a management platform to configure & control them remotely
What is Famoco MDM?
All Famoco mobile devices are natively connected to a device management platform called Famoco MDM. This platform allows you to configure and control all your devices from one place. You'll have access to an Enterprise App Library to upload your business apps. The Famoco MDM lets you configure settings, add security layers, add custom branding to your mobile devices and locate your devices on a map.
Famoco MDM is a subscription-based platform, which can be invoiced monthly or yearly.
One unique price
To better meet your needs
Core Package
per month/per license
Expand your business and enjoy unlimited fleets and Apps
  • Unlimited fleets, devices Apps and profiles
  •  Kiosk Mode
  •  Users and roles rights management
  •   Enriched private App
  •      Multi organizations management
  •      Export reports
  •      Reinforced security protocol
  •      Device History logged
  •      Access to Support
How to activate my MDM plan?
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You will be contacted by e-mail to choose your MDM plan and create your account.
MDM account
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